Why You Need To Be Very Careful About Google Authorization (OAuth)

Since we have built the extension of Simple Gmail Notes, and mobile app of [Simple Mobile CRM](https://mobilecrm.io), we have come across all the power and danger of those Google authorization tokens.

Automated Testing for Chrome Extension

Since I have migrated the extension of Simple Gmail Notes as an official side project of the [new company](https://www.bart.com.hk) , I would like to keep a more rigid development process of this.

Mobile Apps - Native, Hybrid, and HTML5 - A More Comprehensive Review

Say, your own a small team of capable programmers, and you need to build an an mobile app across two platforms (iOS and Android), what would be your best bet?

Git vs SVN

There are so many comparisons of Git vs SVN outside, but as far as I can tell, 99% of them are biased. (And so is this one, probably.)